Claris Server only Linux !?

I just purchased a new Mac Studio for my filemaker Server, but then I found out that new version of Claris Server will be "Linux Only", What??, isn't claris a subsidiary of Apple?

Well, you may have missed that little detail:

What detail? In that post, they mention just Linux as server-os?

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In several webinars, on the Claris website and in several people reporting about Claris Server, it was mentioned, that only linux server is available currently for Claris Studio.

You can of course still use FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server together instead.

While I know a lot of people like Mac or Windows servers, it's clearly stated that this is not available now. And in the webinars, I think it was clear they know the need may be there, but not sure when and if they would work on this.

Thank You, Christian!

I did already mention that this is a killer criteria for customers where the IT is Windows-only AND smaller customers where only macOS knowledge is available

AFAiK, Claris Server and FileMaker Server are not that compatible that one can use FMS when migrated to CS

I had a presentation from Douglas Wallis from Claris Europe about a week an a half ago. Claris Server is Linux only for the moment. The Claris Studio platform is not feature complete at this time, and siblings for FileMaker Platform are not identical yet: it will take years before they are.

@tunghua , what are your needs at this moment ? It's important to know in order to help you.

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Planteg, I am very excited about Claris Studio, I think it is a great break through, but Claris Studio only work with Claris Pro and Claris Server, Filemaker server can not access to Claris Studio.

Claris Server is a sibling of FMS that on top of opening FileMaker files* can also connect to Studio apps. That being said, do you need to create Claris Studio apps at this time ? If the answer is no, then stay with Claris Platform. If you want to try and learn Claris Studio apps, then get Claris Studio, but carry on using FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server.

One thing very important to know, at this time it is not FileMaker Platform or Claris Platform, one can't buy just Claris Platform, Claris Platform is on top of FileMaker Platform. Claris Platform is in addition to FileMaker Platform.

*To work with .fmp12 files under Claris Platform, these need to be converted to .claris files. The .claris file will work with Claris Pro and Claris Server, but not FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server.

And there is no way back from .claris to .fmp12. This is a one way road.

Yup! But .claris! Imagine .microsoft, .oracle. Blurring the brand and the product?

Well yes, emphasis is on marketing, not product :no_mouth:


Yes, we see they want/need a different file extension.

but something like .cdb or so for Claris DataBase would have been better.


Maybe .cbd would chill us all out?

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The extension name may change before Claris Platform development is finished. The name that is burnt is "FIleMaker".

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And the company that is burnt is "Claris". I can only see poor marketing decisions in the last 10+ years. Overpriced, over complicated licensing, and now even an over complicated portfolio. Not at all comprehensible for me.


Which part is not comprehensible to you ?

Lots of people have opinions about FileMaker, without knowing the facts. I am working very hard to dissipate the confusion. IMHO your comment may add to the confusion.

Were there poor marketing decisions ? Yes. Was there complicated licensing ? Yes. Did you notice the changes in the management team that occurred ? Claris is changing, and for the good IMHO.

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I will not elaborate on this in this thread because I don't want to get too off topic here. But Claris has come a long way since the days when there was only one or two products to choose from. Claris FileMaker, Claris Connect, Claris Cloud, Claris on premise, Claris Server, Essential, Standard, Linux only, ... blablabla...
That is far from being an easy to understand portfolio. I have long given up on following the licencing model. And I' pretty sure that all of this clutter will not help making Filemaker attractive to new programmers. K.I.S.S.

Edit: Not to mention Runtimes...


This is something that can be discussed in the Lounge.

When I gather what I am looking for, I will be able to explain all of this clarly.

I think (hope..) that we have to wait a bit.

The available information sounds not so good but afaik Claris has recently an open ear to us developers

I know that Claris is 'marketing driven' - not 'tech driven', there might be some forces behind (Apple) and Studio does not serve at my direct environment at the moment, for web-forms customers are using other platforms (that are not 'clued' to FM - but that's the same with studio), connect.. (who is using that?)

so stay tuned (-:

(Wednesday is the weekly day of good hope...)

One thing that may be a possibility is running Claris Server deployed in a Docker container or something similar. With that, you could install FMS on your Mac Studio. That would actually be really great for deploying servers.

Remember the Claris Pro/Server/Studio platform is still really very new. There are a lot of things that might happen. Submit your feedback to Claris.

What??, isn't claris a subsidiary of Apple?

Yes, but that doesn't mean they ARE Apple. They are still a separate company, with their own priorities and resources.