Cloud - may the force be with You

today, I found an article about Adobe cloud and people from venezuela.


(Please do not turn this into political discussion)

It can be observed that when the Cloud provider is in a different jurisdiction than your company, this may impact your business (legal requirements of data protection, availability).

Factors to look at:

  • latency
  • bandwith
  • availability
  • data protection
  • disaster recovery
  • provider’s track record of incidents affecting availability, data integrity and data protection
  • customer service quality

This list is not exhaustive and should be extended by specific customer requirements.

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Hard for it not to touch politics, because that is at the centre of this. This is important for us to be aware of, especially with the Cloud products and services Claris is promising.

Yes, I know - hard to not touch politics
It touches us if something like this happens - and it is one more point on the list to take care of.

Adobe is not filemaker, where we have (as of today) ‘cloud first’ and not yet ‘cloud only’

Maybe it helps in the future - all of the magazines (TidBits, Heise, non-tech Newspapers,) published a list with alternatives to adobe products…