[cmd]-F disappears

Hi, long time no seen (me) ... Using FMP 19 or 18 the [cmd]-F Menu looses the abbreviation. I can use [cmd]-R, but it's strange. No Plug-In installed (deleted all). I cannot see any self defined commands that could be the reason.
Thanks for all the hints


Unsure this will be useful…

Only times this happened to me were: when I created a custom menu that removed the find option; when I created a custom menu that re-assigned the shortcut; when the context did not allow the find command or the re-assigned shortcut to execute; when I used TeamViewer (intermittent).

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Well maybe it‘s AnyDesk … thanks for your hints. Will check later

I had to quit TeamViewer and FileMaker when this issue occurred and TeamViewer was open.

macOS 10.14, FMP 19.3. Lost shortcuts (insert date, for example). Had to restart FM to bring the shortcuts back

Yes. But it faded away again :weary:

When the issue shows up, are there others applications open ? If so, were they open after FileMaker ?

I wonder if it's possible that opening another application, this other application's shortcuts may replace those of FileMaker when they use the same. CMD+F is quite common to trigger a search.

I have read about this issue in the past, but google only fount this FileMaker Pro keyboard shortcuts may not work as expected when using macOS (claris.com) I expected to find out much more interesting links :thinking:.