Community Todo List

There is so much to do to finish setting up this site to be ready to invite our colleagues, I am making a list of things that can be accomplished in little bites, so that everyone who wants to help can contribute even a little.

They are in a brainstorm order. The numbers are for reference only.

For every task you accomplish, create 1 reply (which you can edit at will later) where you debrief the community with the key how tos, why and resources whenever appropriate.

  1. Enable Check list (so we could check done things here for example)
  2. Review each category settings to make sure that they are appropriate for the vocation of the given category
  3. Devise an invitation strategy that will NOT be an hostile take over and the tech involved to perform it.
  4. Create a list of BB codes or how to easily Html one’s post for colour, highlight, etc and pin it at the top of every page (until we figure out how to make it a pop up button in the editor)
  5. Write a short paragraph explaining the category’s use.
  6. Figure out how to enable the help for using the forum or make an How to pin post
    7. Create a generic admin profile so Cecile isn’t on every single post and can retain her identity for site normal contributions
  7. Set up the email features
    9. Figure out how to create staff accounts
  8. Explore what improvements can be added to the edit box
  9. Devise what would be the best strategy to create collections (more info on this in a reply to this topic later)
  10. Organize the structure of the Category “Ressources”
    13. Design the user profile page to include certifications, add the custom fields that are pertinent
  11. Figure out how to use tags
  12. Figure out how to use Group Authoring and Collaborating
  13. Create the portfolio channel (curated collections by members) or plugin
  14. Set community new name
  15. Design branding
  16. Incorporate as nfp
  17. Migrate

Redo the tour video with new name



@Cecile I just stumble on this old post. I think some of these can be checked off. Also, if some are still open, maybe they could be dispatched in a 'looking for volunteers' post. Just a suggestion.

let me know if you are still looking for help with the forum?

Of course. What would you be interested in?