Growing the community

I’m starting to think about reaching out to linkedIn / twitter to bring fellow FileMaker lovers attention to the fact this community exists.

I think this can happen even if not everything has been checked off the Community Todo List

But I would love to know how the members we have got here to start with. This is why I posted How we first met

What I would like to know in the comments below:

  1. Is it too soon? (I don’t believe it is, but if others think differently, I won’t know unless I ask)

  2. I plan on pointing not just to the main page, but to specific topics. The fact is some of those are (or will be) in the lounge channel because of their more casual (non-technical) nature, but that channel can only be accessed by users with Trust Level 2 (member), a badge they may not get on a first visit. I don’t fully understand the restriction (even after reading this), but I don’t want to setup for disappointment (being directed to a post you have no access to is a very bad teaser). So maybe I should move posts I favor for this to another channel (I don’t like to use the Floating Topics channel much, but it looks like the best receptacle unless the lounge restrictions are lifted)

  3. Can you share what you may have done (or plan on doing) to bring exposure to this community, seeking to grow its user base & overall traffic?

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same here… Should we spread the link? I did so, but only to friends

I really appreciate your inputs. Sorry I have been mia lately. I personally don’t think it’s too early. I understand your dilemma regarding the lounge. It was restricted by default to trust level 3. I lowered it to 2. The main reason I didn’t put it to level 1 or 0 was because I didn’t want trolling in the lounge.

However, I can change permissions so that it can be seen by everyone but people can only post when they reach level 2.

What do you think?

I don’t know, I feel like trolling can happen anywhere, not just the lounge. I understand not wanting newcomers to be able to create a new topic right away, they need to get familiar with the landscape to figure where to create new topics.

But when inviting someone in, with topics of this kind, I feel like saying “look, but don’t touch” is taking a lot of the fun away. We are not a museum, we are a community (not implying anyone says we are a museum), we should favor interactions.

I know the topics I’m thinking of are newly created (or still to be created), but inviting someone to a topic that has only one or two reply sounds a bit dull. Even when stretching out to other topics, we don’t have a lot of content that translate to a longish read (aside from the topics in the site feedback channel and they are not where I would point someone to from a social media point of view.

To clarify, here is the type of stuff I see myself posting on twitter / linkedin (in no specific order):

  1. Why use @discourse to chat about #FileMaker stuff? Why not? Give it a try here. LINK
  2. Hey #FileMaker developers, check out this poll to see if your colleagues prefer to code on Windows or Mac and see in the comments why it is so. LINK
  3. #FileMaker folks! Tell us what #FileMakerDevCon2019 session you will rush to this year in Orlando FL. LINK
  4. #FileMaker devs. tell us if you would add anything to this list to prep for the #FM18certification LINK
  5. Just got certified! Used this handy list. #FileMaker #FM18certification LINK
  6. Will you be going to the #FileMakerDevCon2019? please let us know here: LINK

So if it means having those topics in the Floating Topics channel to make it easier to interact with people, I can do that, but sounds like a hack. Maybe once we have more content we can implement more of that gating system, but right now, I would keep the doors wide open. I feel like that system is more adequate for a company that has a product and where most everyone turns to that environment anyway. We are closer to a fan site from my perspective (and a great one at that!), but still I feel like telling fans “not just yet” will get them to go elsewhere where they can enjoy the show. This is why my personal preference would be to lower the shields right now (yes I am a bit of a trekkie).


I think that we should invite as many people as possible to join. Now is a good a time to do that as any other.

The forum should be the most inviting and least restricting. Bars can always be raised if necessary.

well… I can see the lounge - but without the ability to post, it’s somewhat…

I am out of country at the moment, in a somewhat slower internet environment. The usage of the fmi forum is terrible slow - but mfmc is fine, speedy, crispy - the same as in my office where I’m on fiber…

I will spread mfmc a bit wider (-:


Good to know that the forum remains accessible also in slower environments. Thanks for the feedback!

Good reflection! I have unlocked the lounge completely!
I must say I command you for taking the time to read the support material (rules, guidelines, help). Very few people do in general!

I am a bit caught up until Friday then I will resume working on facilitating the discussions on setting up a permanent structure for our site. Looking forward to turn the page to new name graphics, etc.

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Thank You!