Constitutional Meeting Documentation


8:00 Welcome

1- Choosing meeting president and secretary

2- Adopting agenda

3- Making this entity official: form, directors, bylaws, quorum, roles

4- Funding : exploring monthly sponsoring model, membership fee model, annual fundraiser model

5- Mission

6- Name

7- Hosting: exploring the Discourse hosting and the self hosting options.

8- Emailing policy (Discourse philosophy, current work around)

8:35 Closing keynotes

If someone has sample bylaws that could be submitted for review, it would save some time to post it here tonight for people to be prepared for tomorrow.

The same is applicable for any ideas you want to share about any of the above topics: you may post in this thread to inform others of your thoughts, that will allow for a concise discussion tomorrow.

Links to topics that discussed the points which are going to be decided on at the meeting:

Hosting options explored


Found a couple of websites offering bylaw samples for NPOs. I suppose that bylaw specifics depend on the law of the hosting country, which we will need to define.

Search ‘non profit bylaw’ in google, duckduckgo or other.

You seriously still using Zoom??.

This has been fixed.

Er not quite.

I was not aware. I was trying to find a solution since hangouts is not available anymore?

To my knowledge, Apple pushed a silent update to fix it. Zoom since updated the app, too.

One can also disinstall zoom after there meeting.

Do you think it will deter people?
If you have a last minute alternative am all ears

Will return in 15 min

No way I am installing that. Sorry.

Apple fixed it and you can dis install after the meeting. Could you make an exception? Risk is very limited.

btw. I just installed ‘zoom’ on the iPad, will deinstall it afterwards

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Given the timing I’m not even sure I can make the meeting as I’m on a client site working on demand based forecasting models. Good luck with it all.

Thank you, have a good afternoon.

I will write down a clean version of the protocol this evening and send it to you tomorrow.


My sincere apologies for all those who installed Zoom following this invite. I read the entire article provided by Mark Mitchell and, it seems that a local web host gets installed on MacOS which can reinstall the app when it gets manually unistalled.

There is a method described in the article to remove this local host from your machine, as well as the links to download servers the local web host calls to do the reinstall.

I regret any inconvenient this may have caused anyone. I will be searching for safer solutions for our online meetings.


Thank you for this. How does all this affects Windows users (yours truly)?