Deselect field

I have a layout and have done a "clear all" with tab order for various reasons. Unfortunately, when users select an answer from a pulldown they end up sent right back to that pulldown and it opens up covering the screen.

I tried putting an OnObjectExit script which commits records but doesn't work. Neither does putting a "go to object " script. I also tried freeze window and refresh.

Is there some way to leave every field using a script?

Hello @JasonMark

For your on-exit script that uses the Commit Record script step, did you use an Exit Script step, and if so, what value did you return ?

I believe that you might be able to get it to behave as desired by returning False (via the Exit Script step).

I'm not asserting that this is the best way, as perhaps you don't want to trigger a record commit, but hopefully it will give you a starting point from which to experiment.



SOLVED: I turns out the problem was the field I was on wasn't in the tab order. As soon as I added it to the tab order then it left when done. Because it was outside the tab order it seemed to default to "tab to myself afterwards".

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