Tabbing from global fields with pop up lists

Using v7 FM (sorry, in process of purchasing new version)
I am trying to script something - I have a global field with a pop up list. After selecting an item from that list and bringing up all the related records (everything works fine) I want the cursor to tab to the next field (from the global field) but it won't seem to do that. It keeps going back to select the pop up list again until i click out of it. Of course the user can use the tab key, etc...but I want it to be seemless for them in the script.
I tried 'go to next field' in the script and even tried to tell it to go to a field NOT on that layout and nothing seems to work b/c the global field is still active. I can't figure it out.

The global field can be entered in Browse and Find modes and is set to tab, enter and return ley to the next field.
So I don't get how to "deactivate" the pop up list after I select what I need.

Is the cursor still in the pop up list field when the script gets to the 'go to next field' script step?

Use Commit Record script step. That will exit the global field. Then go to the field that you want.

I don't understand how to use Commit record (in a script) when the global field is formatted to use a pop up list.


In your script, just before going to another field, insert:

Commit Records/Requests [With dialog: Off]

I can't check it since I don't have a copy of FileMaker V 7 but that should work as explained by @Malcolm .

Thanks but there is no script for a pop up global field - it has a value list defined to it. And that list pops up whenever you click on the global field. It is a field where the user selects an item from the pop up list and then all the records with that item appear (on the same layout). All I want is for the cursor to leave the list after it is selected so that global field is no longer active and showing the list again.

Create a script with a single instruction: commit records. Save the script.

Now go to the global field and attach a script trigger, select the "commit records" script. it sounds as though you want to attach the script to the "on record modify" script trigger.


I think that v7 of FMP might not have had support for Script Triggers. I believe that the Script Trigger feature was added at around v9 or v10, but don't know for certain. If this is true, that would be a source of confusion for @Jenyen, who, I believe, is using v.7.


V9 introduced triggers. @Jenyen , before triggering we used to have a lot of calculation fields that provided UI assistance to interact. It was such a pain, lots of work. The alternative is to train your users to click on the background (or a button) to force the commit.

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Thank you both for taking the time. You are right and I did look into calculations but it got way too complicated. I think I will wait for my new version to work on this little fix. I am just glad I am not missing a simple fix for this. I appreciate everything.

I think you'll find that there will be a number of things that will require much less effort in a newer version, once you make some adjustment to all the things that change. Hope you really enjoy that transition.


BTW, I figured out a work around for this....instead of using pop up lists in global fields - you use pop up MENU. It is not a great fix if your lists are long, but it will definitely deactivate the field after a selection.


v9 introduced conditional formatting. v10 introduced script triggers for layouts and objects (before only for file opening and closing)

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