Disable "Use Advanced Tools" in FileMaker Pro/Preferences?

what is the Best Practice to disable "Use Advanced Tools" in FileMaker Pro/Preferences for users without [full access]?

I don’t believe it is possible. However, users without full access cannot utilse any of the features.

Initially we were very anti this option, but over time it has been a benefit when diagnosing problems on any user’s computer.


There seems to be a path, but I have not tried it. See this link for the details.

Unfortunately, that thread does not mention the flag to use in the assisted install file. I believe it to be:


If needed, I think we can do the switch by script with our MBS FileMaker Plugin functions.

See Preferences.SetValue and Registry.SetValue

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I remember an awful lot of discussion on this when FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced was release and you are right @Bobino that the assisted install does have the ability to disable advanced tools.

Soliant have a good article on this: https://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/filemaker-pro-advanced-tools/

As mentioned earlier, we were very, very against the inclusion of this feature, but having it available as an option on every user’s copy has been a help with troubleshooting. The assisted install does require a reinstallation (depending on how many hacks you’re prepared to live with), if you want to get your hands on the advanced tools.

A lot depends on the working environment and, as a developer, whether you have access to the server in question using a copy with advanced tools, whether you can log in with the same access privilege as the user to recreate the problem (how many times have we found the problem doesn’t occur at full access level, but does at user level!), etc.