FMPA Install checklist

Hi everyone,

I want to build a checklist of things to do & check for when installing FMPA. Stuff that may go into an assisted install file or not (not everything is covered there).

Please share what you think I should add to the list.
I’m thinking about a dev workstation, but let’s just assume items apply to both user & dev unless they are prefixed with [Dev] or [User].

  • [Dev] Max out ‘recently opened file’ list
  • Remove ‘new version’ notifications
  • Use advanced tools
  • Remove ‘add newly defined fields to current layout’
  • Remove ‘Save layout changes automatically’ (Those who like the FM5 default behavior can keep that.)
  • Set memory to 512 MB
  • Check ‘Allow Solutions to Install Files’
  • [User] make sure the production server is listed as a permitted host if the connection is not protected.
  • [Dev] Redefine favorites (hosts/files)
  • Remove ‘Display new scripts in Scripts menu’
  • [Windows] Set syntax coloring prefs
  • [Dev] alter the default fields or delete them
  • Install plugins as required
  • fonts
  • don’t forget fonts, we always check and add what’s needed, espacially on fresh installs
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  • [dev] alter the default fields or delete them
  • adjust the default button bar (icons at the top) - often, when just moving a window, one clicks by accident not on the window titlebar but on the ‘new record’ icon (for example)
  • [dev] create a dummy script that contains script headers (remarks). No problem with a clipboard manager…
  • adjust privileges (if needed, ie for url, etc)
  • [security] set the flag to not allow using a file for adding in a relation without entering the password (for older versions, is default in the current version)

btw. Memory settings… are there any benchmarks available that show differences?

Use the search function for bits and pieces in the soup:

Thank You! There are no numbers… I believe that HOnza did some testing, but can’t find that.

Since it is off-topic, I will post results in the other thread - if I find some (in our testing, there was no difference)

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