Discourse, Discourse and Vanilla (Forum Software)

First question:

Some of my favorite sites use the Discourse forum software. It's really been growing on me.

However, I notice some differences across sites.

For example, Xojo Forums https://forum.xojo.com has a "Defer" button, which marks a thread as "unread" and sends you back to the topic level. I really like this feature (it's like marking an email as "Unread" so you can come back to it later).

fmSoup's version of Discourse doesn't have this. Is this a version issue, or possibly a feature that could be enabled here on the soup?

Second question: I'm running a site that's using Vanilla forums, which I've always liked, as I think it has a similar design ethos to Discourse. But lately I feel Discourse is better. Is it worth migrating my forum from Vanilla to Discourse? Anyone done this?

It's a preference that you can set for yourself.



Thanks! May I suggest it gets defaulted to "on" since (in my opinion) that's such as useful feature?

OK. We'll try it out.

I've just switched it to on. I expect that it will only affect new users, so anyone else reading this will have to follow the link to their preferences and change the setting.


Thanks! I have wanted that feature, but did not realize that I already had it. Good fortune to see this post and learn about it.

@xochi Nice suggestion. I am also on Xojo forum, and the preference does not seem to be on by default, maybe that's because my account was migrated to Discourse - my account was created on the old forum site.