the fm soup

Welcome to the fmsoup forum

There are several resources for FileMaker developers and users so, why one more?

Let’s say that it is hard to preach to the choir when there is no forum to house the crowd. This site wants to be a home for a community that desperately needs a basement to rock n’roll together. Welcome to the coolest and most generous community of developers and users online.

It may feel a bit empty at first. Between the people and the content, we chose the people. Content can be recreated, created anew.

Here are a few of the tools this community offers you.

Discourse platform has it all!

  • A merged feed, with options to sort by read, unread, latest, topics. Name it!
  • Nice editor with One box (media embedding in post), Markdown support, etc.
  • Mute threads, ignore user functionalities
  • Poll
  • Email integration
  • Mobile App
  • BADGES yep! the fun badges for inquisitives, leaders, all our talents to be recognized!
  • Preformated text


  • New message indicator on your avatar
  • Search in the top navigation and Advanced Search sidebar
  • Google Authentication is activated (possibly other such as GitHub, LinkedIn…)
  • SSL and every security features needed
  • Interface in your choice of language
  • Notifications, bookmarking and following flexible configurations

More features need to be activated: topic voting, interactive check lists in posts, site map to improve webcrawler performance, etc. And should we get sponsorship, many more enterprise level features are available.

As more collaborators join the admin team, those with appropriate knowledge will be able to turn on and manage some features such as RSS, Chat, etc. API integration is possible so we can hope that some community experts might hook us up with more features as the need arise.

We hope you’ll love it here and hang out, as conversations flourish and requests for help get fulfilled.