New features on Discourse

There are interesting features that have been added. Some that we may want to use eventually. For those who want to discover them, here is the link.
The static page seems promising.

For all release notes:

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What, support for IE 11 is no more ? ? ? ? ?

Internet Explorer is such a pain, it should be eradicated from this galaxy. Oh but wait, the only control to embed Web inside an application is based on IE, so we will feel the pain again for some time, just think about FileMaker's WebViewer :worried:. I just wonder when Microsoft will bring a control based on Chromium Edge.

IE is still around?

Who cares? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Still installed on Windows 10. And some enterprises still use IE either on Windows 10 or older Windows version. Having sites to still support IE is quite a burden.

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True that.

Good point. I was just surprised since I never hear IE come up anymore.


Regarding IE, I just read that in next version of Windows 10, Chromium Edge will be the default browser, at this time it's till IE. Does that mean a new control based on ChrEdge will be released ? I dunno.

As far as I remember Microsoft has a new control in beta. Maybe in the fall release they will ship it for Windows 10. Then all people need to update. And once FileMaker Pro has that Windows 10 version as minimum, they can fully use it.
Otherwise FMP would need to make sure it's installed with the installer and not sure whether Microsoft makes it available for older Windows versions.