Display Bug or New Feature?

I noticed in List view, there are some seemingly random-appearing gray lines throughout the list display.

Is this a new feature or a display bug? I don't recall reading about it.

There are no features along those lines... can you show us that in layout mode and what theme is this?

It was using enlightened theme, but changing to tranquil had no effect.

In layout mode, it's just three fields: data, and two number fields where you enter a weight in this format: "lbs:ounces". There is a script on the layout exit that converts the lbs:ounces to decimal.

Then, today, I added another layout with just the two weight fields (from same table) and that's when the problems started. If I remove that layout, the lines go away...

I went back and removed that data entry layout and re-added it, making sure I didn't check to delineate any fields. This time I also used the tranquil theme from the start.

Dunno...maybe a theme problem?

On the screen cap, we see there is one large grey line after each group of lines with data. Is it like that for the entire list ? The color seems to be the same as the background. What happens if you change the background color ?

What a weird issue.

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After re-creating the little data entry layout, I can't get it create the blank lines again, but when I changed from enlightened to tranquil (I didn't test others), it was still putting the lines in there.

Maybe it was when I had the delineated check box checked for the current record on the data entry layout I created. I don't want to temp fate and go check that box again...

I created this little app a long time ago so I'm not even sure what version of FMP that might have been (14 maybe).

Too many variables for sure.