Preview layout/mode

I am trying to create a preview layout for a PO.

"I have selected autosize enclosed part" option.

I want the border lines to go all the way through, how can I achieve this?

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 11.09.19 AM

@Drew Welcome to The soup !

If you look closely at your screen capture, notice that missing vertical lines are for rows that are higher than one line.

Are the lines interrupted also on screen - if this is a print preview that is shown ?

I noticed that too!
The lines are not interrupted in browse mode, is that what you are asking?

This is it.

You probably have sliding rules with resize enclosing part for your fields. Do the fields display two lines in browse mode? If so, that is your culprit. The fields whose data fits in one line resizeā€¦ hence the gap in the field's border between records. The item number or description field for the problem records still require two lines.

@bdhd @planteg I am not sure I am understanding how to fix this. I set al the fields to have the enclosing part checkbox marked