Does Get(InstalledFMPlugins) work on server?

Hi all,

I mean using Get(InstalledFMPlugins) in a script called by Perfom Script On Server ?


Of course. Do you have problems?

I don't get anything returned, and I know there is one plugin installed. The function is called in a PSOS script and the returned value is saved in a field. The FMPA displays in a custom dialog the contents of the field.

I will get back to this later this morning, maybe I have an error in the script. I will post back.

Why are you saving the results in a field? Why not just pass it back as a script result? If you are using a field, you now have to deal with context ( layout, TO, field, correct record, etc ).


It never crossed my mind that a PSOS could return a value to the caller. I will try this !

Just make sure you have the "Wait for completion" box checked.

Made some changes and returned a value in PSOSed script . . . and it works !

Don't know what was wrong before (Wait for completion was on). I guess code 10 explains this.

Thanks to all