Server Platform

is there way (without using PSOS) to get the platform of the Server with a get-function?

Because WebDirect plug-ins need to be installed using a WebDirect script, you need to calculate in for example the startup script the server-platform to install the correct version (Mac /Win32/Win64)

The only way to get the server platform without invoking PSOS would be running a scheduled script on server that retrieves system information and stores it in a table. A WD session could retrieve it from there.
Why would you not use PSOS?

However, without using a plugin, Get (SystemPlatform) will not inform if a Win system is 32 or 64 bit.

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Thanks, Torsten, your idea of a field, filled by the server, is very good.
About the PSOS: I always try to stay as simple as possible so I would prefer a calculation over a server side script.
Get( ApplicationArchiecture) could give you the 32/64-bit information.

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Thanks @LucThomaere. Get (ApplicationArchitecture) provides the required information. Haven’t touched a 32 bit system since a while :slight_smile: