2022 - Registration is open

After two years of meeting online, we can again experience a return to "analog" meetings with real beer and sausages! In sunny Berlin!

I'm pleased to announce that the registration for 2022 is now open:

The event will start on June 2nd at 09:00, following the usual pre-opening reception in the beer garden on June 1st from 15:00 on.


Since many FMSoup regulars are attending the conference, how about a FMSoup get together?

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Just one month left before registration for #d22 is closing. If you're musing about joining now is the time to register here:

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Already over 70 FileMaker developers from 20 countries:

:belgium:, :uk:, :denmark:, :latvia:, :us:, :canada:, :austria:, :sweden:, :de:, :greece:, :it:, :netherlands:, :norway:, :iceland:, :es:, :fr:, :finland:, :uk:, :egypt: & :switzerland:


Looks like Germany is #5 with total world COVID infections and new infections appear to be going, like here in the US, in the wrong direction. Hopefully, this conference won't be a "super-spreader" event...

Germany COVID - Coronavirus Statistics - Worldometer

Current wave is going down, so if you can please join the conference.

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That's funny. Germany was #1 in the word in COVID infections a few days ago.

Today, Friday, April 29, 2022, according to "John's Hopkins", Germany is still #2 with COVID infections worldwide.

I know of people who have died from COVID and others who continue to struggle with it after years now. Nobody yet understands what the long-term consequences of this virus are, but for many, they're devastating and ongoing.

(Tomaten auf dem Augen?)

(Germany also was scoring low and almost failed to be admitted to the EU compared to other countries like Italia, Greece, Portugal IIRC .. later finding out that Germany was honestly precise disclosing their debt etc. and had to bail out other EU countries later who scored top earlier on admittance ..)

Germany is #1 AGAIN in the world with COVID infections as reported on Johns Hopkins!