Elimination of programmers - what?

Hello FielMakers friends,

I came across this article this morning Elimination of programmers | Journal (vocal.media)

Very interesting. Just as a teaser:

The architect of this system convinced the client that the business analysts would be able to write in a high-level business language (invented by the architect) so that future changes wouldn’t require hiring programmers to modify the system.

On FileMaker, there are citizen developers that are quite competent.

But when it's too good to be true...


Interesting story and just another example of failure of such an endeavour.
The article describes why business analysts can‘t write applications all by themselves. It would eliminate a crucial verification instance and the imperfections of the business model would go straight into its implementation.
Even in FM a coder needs an understanding of what a relational data model is, control structures, variables, scope, etc.
Low code delivers prefabricated bits to coders, not to business analysts.

It will remain a beancounter‘s dream for a little bit longer :slightly_smiling_face:

On a related note:
Low code is no replacement for software development, say German-speaking SAP users


There is also this general concept to consider...

Plus with "less code" there always seems to be some company with their hands on your wallet for their added "value".

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