Fair to say Claris FileMaker has more licensed Windows desktop users than Mac desktop?

Any know for sure, licensed and desktops?

I haven’t heard the figures for years, but this certainly used to be the case according to FileMaker Inc.

Ironically, the person doing the design work would most often use a Mac, then roll the solution out to Windows users.

We have just under 200 licenses and customers with their own licenses; Mac users (including 2 of us) are the minority by a long way.

I think that lots of seats in bigger installations for companies may be Windows based.

Server side looks for me like it's about 50% Windows, 35% MacOS and 15% Linux.


I believe these figures can, in some ways, be explained that, due to their knowledge, in many cases the database designer inherits responsibility for the specification and maintenance of the FileMaker Server. As mentioned above, often this person uses a Mac and is not comfortable with the nuances of configuring and supporting a Windows server, hence (understandably) plays it safe and uses a Mac as a server, even if the majority of FileMaker Pro clients are Windows users.


I just moved development in a large FileMaker windows shop to Macs. But just development. There are literally dozens of significant developer benefits to being on an Mac that are just not available on windows.

Not just the kewl features in MBS, but also things like being able to tour more than one character in a TO list to get to a TO and a dozen other things.


with MBS you can search for TOs by Name but it also finds Notes. In large apps with hundreds of TOs I'm always looking for a special TO-Group. Since the name of the anchor might get used more often in different places and search starts in the upper left corner this might lead to the right TO only on the 4th or 7th hit.

I found a workaround for this by putting a note into the graph which gives the name of the base-TO with a "-" as prefix. This can be searched and is found on the first try because these are unique in my graph.

As you can see it also gives you the opportunity of using aliases to your table.


Nice idea! Thank you @harvest .

I also use notes as TOG headers. I set the type to 48 or larger. On a big graph it’s nice to see all the TOG at once. At a large font size the headers are readable when the graph is displayed at 10%.

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I want to say "thank you" to those with replies about Windows vs Mac desktop users. As I imagined too, it seems likely there would be more actual users of FileMaker on the Windows platform. Not a bad selling point.

Forward ahead.