FileMaker 19.2.2 Released

Released today


See also FileMaker Go release notes:

and notes for Cloud:

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but no update for the Linux Server and funny enough no dates on the release notes so even if there is a "new"-tag on the list you don't know if this still hold true :frowning:

@harvest didn’t they phase those updates last time?

ah, so it's just my bad timing :slight_smile:

Server and Pro are no longer coming in sync for a few little releases.
So I expect in a few weeks, we may see a matching server update.

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And I made blog post: FileMaker Pro 19.2.2 released

MBS Plugin has been updated in version 11.1 to take advantage of the latest FileMaker Plugin SDK for version 19.2. Since we changed a few things in the last months to adjust to the ongoing changes in FileMaker, we highly recommend to update. Older versions with 10.2 or newer may also work, but we can't guarantee it.