FileMaker 19.3.1 Windows Web Viewer issue

FMP 19.3.1 upgraded web viewer to use Chromium based browser on web views. It will be more convenient because it brings all the new javascript and html standard features to FileMaker Web Viewer on Windows.

I tried on one of my customer's solution that has important features implemented with web viewer. When using fmpurl to run scripts from Web Viewer permission will be asked after every click which triggers fmpurl.

Is there known fix for this yet?

At least migrating web viewer code to use FileMaker.PerformScript instead of fmpurl should do the trick. I'll start a process to change codes to use it.

See AutoLaunchProtocolsFromOrigins setting and an article about it here:

You may set this registry entry with our Registry functions in MBS FileMaker Plugin.


I made a blog post:

Allow FMP URL for WebView2 and skip dialog