WebDirect: Perform JavaScript in WebViewer limitations ?!?


I just installed the official version of FMP 19 and read the Release Notes. I found this:

In Claris FileMaker WebDirect™, the Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer script step is unsupported for Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML) and Internet Explorer.

I am puzzled here. I read that on Windows, the WebViewer is implemented using a control based on IE 11. Then you open a WebDirect session in IE 11 - running for trouble ? - you have a WebViewer that uses technology from IE 11, and the mentioned script step doesn't work ???

Can someone sorted it out please ?

The Web is a maze ing :woozy_face:

You confuse the web viewer in FileMaker with the browser used to load WebDirect website.

The FileMaker.PerformScript works in WebViewer with IE11 within FileMaker 19.
But seems like they didn't do that for Web Direct if you load something in web viewer.

Sorry I am not confusing. Lets try again.

The WebViewer control uses IE 11 technology. Then the script works with IE right ? But if you use IE 11 to open a file in WebDIrect, the the script it not supported. But if the file is open in WebDirect on Chrome, again the WebViewer is a control using IE 11 technology, then it's fine.

In the end, all of this happens in the WebView object, then does the Web Browser used to open WebDirect does matter ?

I think you still confuse the Webviewer in FileMaker Pro using IE 11 on Windows with the web viewer in WebDirect, which is a HTML IFRAME. When you open the WebDirect website in Google Chrome, there is no IE11 involved.

The FileMaker.PerformScript in the web viewer on WebDirect needs the parent website injects some JavaScript into the IFRAME to call back.
And that bridge seems not to be supported if the hosting browser is IE11. Maybe it's some cross site scripting thing not allowed there.


Maybe. Do I get that using Chrome for WebDirect means that a WebViewer then is not implemented using the IE 11 Control embedded in Chrome ?

If you use Google Chrome to browse a WebDirect solution, there is no IE involved.