Prompt for running a filemaker script from webviewer

Hello, suddenly experiencing a dialog box ( see pic) when running FileMaker perform script step from javascript code in a web viewer.

Some setting needing to be changed ?
Web viewer has allow Javascript to perform filemaker scripts.
I have Edge browser installed on my win 10 system.
JS fm


Hello @kevinD

A couple of blog posts by SeedCode (links below) might explain what is going on. It looks like Soup regular @MonkeybreadSoftware may have provided the solution.

Another solution, if possible, might be to convert any FMP URL calls made by the webviewer into using the FileMaker.PerformScriptWithOption feature, instead.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot @steve_ssh
Worked like a charm.

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And here is the blog article from us:

Allow FMP URL for WebView2 and skip dialog

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Thanks a lot @MonkeybreadSoftware.
It was originally your idea of how to solve this.

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