Filemaker Cloud for 3 users

I'm sure that at some point I remember that Claris very sensibly started saying they were going to offer a license for just 3 users to use Filemaker Cloud. But I can't find anywhere how to purchase it. Am I going mad? Does anyone else remember this?...

Hi James,

As far as I know the 5 user limit has always been the minimum, both for FM Cloud as On Premise.
I recently contacted Claris Sales and tries to accomplish this, but did not succeed.
Which i.m.o. is unfortunate, because it's specially the smaller 2 or 3 person companies that would benefit from not having to invest in- and maintain an On Premise server.


Please contact the people of FileMaker Magazin. They may be able to help with licensing as they usually know promotions and options (Without Cloud maybe only).

The current 'Essentials' plan is for 5 users and a max of 3 database files.