Filemaker crashing often

One of my clients told me that Filemaker crashes a few times a day on him... often when it's just running in the background. Attached is one of his crash reports. Is there anything in here that can help understand why his machine is crashing?

He's running:
A 2021 M1 iMac
Fully patched MacOS 12.4 and Filemaker 19.4.2, but it's been happening at least for this entire year so it was also a problem in earlier versions of these.
He has two different iMacs (both some model) and the problem happens on both of them.
Solution is hosted externally, but his network is pretty speedy (I don't know exact numbers but faster than mine which is around 180Mbps down and 20Mbps up).
I haven't experienced this problem, but admittedly I don't keep FIlemaker open for more than a few hours at a time.
He's NOT running Chrome (which I know has a history of slowing down Macs)

Any thoughts are appreciated.

filemaker_crash_report.txt (65.6 KB)

At a general level: a segmentation fault occurs when the program tries to access memory that is out of bounds. Often associated with a program needing more memory than it has allocated.

In this case, the layout contains a web viewer. The crash occurs shortly after the web viewer is added to the window. It may be that the content of the web viewer is causing problems.


Yes, maybe remove the control and recreate it.

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OK I'll give it a go. I'm actually not sure what layout it is... so I'll try to track it down.

A DDR produced in HTML format will reveal the web viewers

Yeah I have dozens of web viewers on different layouts, so it's more a matter of tracking down which one is the problem... hopefully it's only one. I have a suspicion, and I was able to recreate it Filemaker in a Filemaker Native way using calculations to color code things so hopefully that will fix it. If not I'll have the client pay attention to which layout is open when it crashes.