FileMaker 19 crashing when showing hosts

Has anyone else had issues with FileMaker 19 crashing when showing hosts? I routinely have multiple databases open some times for days with out issue but if I show hots it is not at all uncommon to have FileMaker 19 crash. This was never an issue with FileMaker 18 or earlier.

  • Windows environment
  • I have around 8 saved hosts
  • The longer FileMaker has been running the higher the chance of a crash
  • There is not error message
  • happens on multiple machines
  • Systems are windows 10, i7, 8GB ram, SSD drive, or better.
  • I have not looked at the event viewer because well I hate doing it....

I haven’t seen the crashing, but I reported a problem with show hosts and favourite hosts months ago. In Windows you can select favourite host, with filter databases on user name and password is prompted for, enter these and the files appear, double click the destination file and nothing happens.

The only way to open a file is to use show hosts, not favourite hosts.

I also believe I saw the exact opposite after the initial launch, but the above is consistent behaviour now. The recent update hasn’t fixed this.

There is definitely something wrong with File -> Hosts

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I have never used favorite host section before. your post made me go look and it looks like something I will find useful. It is too bad it sounds like it dose not work.

I believe it doesn’t work only if ‘Filter Databases’ is enabled in the server admin console, and only when running FMP 19 in Windows.

do that first so that you'll get a bit more information.

Also: does it also happen when you create a new OS account on a machine where it crashes?
Any plugins you use?

I have not tried to make a new OS account all the computers only have one account. I do have some databases that use plugins but they do not need to be open for this crash to happen. The crash happens before I can select a new database to open.