FileMaker Go 18 no longer in AppStore

Suddenly, FileMaker Go 18 is no longer in the AppStore? What about iPads that don't support iOS 14+?

If you got it before, you can go to the App Store, check previous downloaded apps list and download it again.


The previous version of FileMaker Go, in this instance 18, is always pulled from the store sometime after the release of the current version, which is 19 at this time. The set time for this as well as the end of live for support of older versions are available on Claris site. I looked for this information but didn't found :unamused: .

As @MonkeybreadSoftware told you, you can install it again if you have already downloaded it before.

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Well, if you have a users that have had to reset an old iPad, it may mean they can no longer use the iPad. Surprise!

Can't they go to the app store and download apps that they have previously downloaded?

Absolutely. One needs to type for example "FileMaker GO 18", and if previously downloaded the app will be shown, not with a Download button, but a Cloud with arrow pointing down, meaning the app is in your own store, if I may say so. For that to work, the Store account must be the same as previously.

If needed, someone with the app in the purchase history may temporary login to the app store, download it and install the app. Then logout of the App Store.

In general it may be a good idea to have a second Apple ID (not your personal) to download an app like FileMaker Go.

The purchase history of the user allows them to reload any apps that they have purchased/downloaded. If they go to the App store on their device. Go into the account and then look at their purchase history they'll find the earlier versions.

In my account I can see and download versions going back to Go v14. I can see Go v13 but it doesn't offer a download button.

Hi, it seems that 18 reappears in the store again.

at the moment (2021, july 18, Swiss AppStore), only FileMaker Go 19 will be found when I search for 'FileMaker Go' - But older version will appear under 'YourAccount...' (if they are already bought)

Some days ago, an update via AppStore apeeared for FileMaker Go 14.. (7.7.2021)

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Exactly, on my iPad running the latest iPadOS 14.x, I had a notice stating that there was a patch for FIM Go. I was surprised !

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