Shocking News: TSGal has gone!

This is very bad news for everybody who’s dealing with Claris TechSupport regularly.

“Do you have a link to the posting that TSGal confirmed the issue? She is no longer with the company, and her notes do not include this problem. Three months ago, iOS 13.2.1 Beta wasn’t available.”

Wow! That is a big change. TSGal had been in the company for a long time.

That’s explain why Steve Kurash is active in the Community now.

TSGAL was the biggest customer-facing asset they had. Sad news. I wish her well and great new opportunities!

I’m sorry to hear this. However, I found your link interesting as we always suffer something similar after installing a new version of FileMaker Pro or an update on our RemoteApp streaming servers.

We run various versions of FileMaker on these, gradually encouraging our clients to move to the latest version when possible (we still have some MDI/SDI issues we’re dealing with trapping some on v15 still).

We initially test the latest version and, when happy, make it available to users for testing alongside their current version and then when they are happy, we unpublish the older version and eventually remove it once everyone has migrated (one reason we don’t use FMC, too much pressure to update, update, update regardless whether it is going to work or not).

We have a client who is still running v17 (testing of v18.0.1 didn’t go well) who logs into their online credit card payment system via a FileMaker web viewer, processes a transaction and returns to the original record to record the transaction ID.

However, with each update of v18 (previously v17, v16, etc.) the registry key: C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced\FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe %1 gets reset to C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced\FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced.exe %1 and upon closing the web viewer the currently unpublished v18 tries to launch, but fails and interrupts our script. This is slightly more involved now as both the folder and exe file names have to be edited.

After any update, we have to remember to reset this key until we’ve migrated everyone to v18, otherwise we receive support calls complaining that their payment system no longer works.

Frustrating, but it sounds very similar to the issue you were having in FM Go.

I can work around this issue, since reopen FMGo18 re-establishes the last connection, whereas the OT of this report is screwed. With his process, he’s switching between FMGo and a CardSwipe App and back, using the iOS URL Scheme. Now, since this iOS URL-Process doesn’t reset after first attempt, you get locked in the “Twilight-Zone”.
I used to use same process in the past with the Swiss Health Insurance Card with a iPhone SwipeCard Reader.

ouch. Not good news. TSGal was something like ‘the soul’ of the community-support

We called support recently because of a somehow special install of fms (master/slaves). Support did not know, what we been talking about

(Finally, it was a missing paragraph in the manpage section, we solved that)

Earlier, the support was really good…

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TSGal has never been a single person. And for the past few years, was a man. :slight_smile: They reuse the TS profiles for other people as they take on different roles.

well then, who is lying:

  • former VP Jon Sigler, who confirmed that TSGal is a [one] real person [2013]?
  • Mark Grantham who stated that TSGal is working for FMI for over 10 Years [2015] and she likes chocolate?
  • Steve Kurasch who states that TSGal has left the company 3 month ago [yesterday]?

I shook his hand at DevCon last year. He is very tall. And his name was Steve.

It’s totally possible that Steve left or that the current person that was answering as TSGal left. But Steve has not always been TSGal. Before him it was someone else. I think you misunderstand my statement. I wasn’t saying TSGal was multiple people all functioning as TSGal, I was saying the handle has been passed to different people over the years. The original TSGal has not worked for FileMaker for a very long time.

hmmm… If that personality is not in a 1:1 relationship to a human - the whole group (‘personality’) moved off?

To be TSGal, or not to be TSGal. That is the question.

Sorry, was at the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre last Friday in Stratford-upon-Avon. Does it show?

Never know the next account could be TransGal by the sound of it.

and TransWombat, TransPigeon - TechStaff becomes a transportation group, a moving company :upside_down_face:

I’m so glad you interpreted it this way Markus (don’t know the emoji for ‘tongue in cheek’ - LOL!

FMI‘s rules require an account be attributed to one identifiable individual. What you describe would be a travesty.

LOL !!!

  1. I believe at any given time it is only attributed to one individual. Not multiple people concurrently.
  2. They had a specific use case for the TS ( Tech Support ) accounts. But I know there has been talk about having Claris employees more involved and having them use their real account.