Filemaker Server 2023 install on Ubuntu 22

Hi there,

There seems to be 3 variations of installing 2023 on Ubuntu 22

  1. On AMD
  2. On Arm
  3. Using Docker

Pros and Cons?
What would be your choice?

What CPU does the computer have for your server?
That picks 1 or 2.

Docker is more a thing if you need multiple servers/services on one computer instead of running multiple VMs.

Docker is more for portability, load balancing and scalability. I'm not sure how multiple VMs is able to scale Filemaker Server.

CPU wise, let's say either, a Xeon VM or a Mac M2. Pros and cons?

I believe @MonkeybreadSoftware mentioned running multiple VMs vs multiple containers on the same host, with a use case in mind where you want to run many different things (in containers) unrelated to FileMaker on the same server. Not as a way to scale FM Server.