FileMaker Server Installation with Ansible on Ubuntu Linux

Operating system: Ubuntu Linux
FileMaker version: FileMaker Server 19.x / 2023

At the FileMaker Conference 2022 in Hamburg I had presented how to install FileMaker Server completely automated on a Linux server using Ansible Script.

I was asked to provide the script.
I had a bit of a hard time with this, as I manage all the Linux servers via Ansible, from monitoring, backups, Docker instances, etc etc..

But I tried to extract only the relevant part and leave out the complicated stuff like Ansible Vault (for now).

The playbook can be found and used here: GitHub - schube/FileMaker-Server-Ansible: Playbook to install FileMaker Server on Ubuntu

Feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome!

I've also never made a role publicly available before and don't know if the structure fits like this or if you should adapt something for Ansible Galaxy etc etc.

This is just a start and I like to learn. So, if there is an Ansible expert reading along, please don't be afraid to adapt the playbook fundamentally. In the end, everyone benefits from it!



@schubec , welcome to fmsoup and thanks for your contribution.


Hi Bernhard,

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...oh yes - thank you for sharing...


Herzlich willkommen in der Suppe - and thank You very much for sharing!

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