FMS on Linux - we set up ours today

Well, we did it. We setup our own dev server on Linux this morning on CentOS at

So far, we've had only a small issue with a script that produces PDFs (probably a path issue in the script) and we're looking at that. Still need to setup the SSL certificate, but it looks like you'd expect. It's a Filemaker Server. Looks like we have access to OData and we'll be figuring out how that fits in with our methods.

Looking for everyone else's experience with it... thoughts?


congrats! - quick question in regards of Linode, did you select a dedicated Machine or VM?

we're currently using a VM and we're trying to see what the performance is as we ratchet down the resources. We're next going to set it up on a $5 a month VM and see how it acts.

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