FileMaker Server for Linux Developer Preview now available


We have it running already. Works nicely.
(except some things not yet there, so check readme!)

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I won't put this FMS server on my CentOS VPS since FMS "phones home" and I cannot be sure what it's doing (or sending back to FMI).

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I would expect it phones home same was as the Windows or MacOS server, so if you use those, the Linux one should be fine.

Yes but on an AWS server I only have a testing FMS server with nothing private FMS could scoop up and send home.

It only sends data related to the install of FMS and usage statistics. Also, you can stop that from happening.

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I'm SO hyped about this. If you use 3 year reservations like we do, you can now go from a t3.large to a t3.xlarge and SAVE money. Combine this with card windows in web direct- it's fantastic! Deploying on the web will be so much easier for us.

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Exactly, it only phones home if you let it. If you're paranoid then don't let it.


You have advertised your colors a long time ago.

You even suggest setting up a firewall for the very same reason (on other OSes).

I'm not sure people are looking for reason not to use a given product or feature. Yet you seem to never lack suggestions that follow your own logic.

Just make sure that in the way you make those suggestions and in how they may be perceived, there is room for other perspectives than your own.

A recent discussion thread about the DMT exhibits similar patterns in my opinion.

Some people can receive harsh comments about how they are too consistent in their tone and position. Just be careful about how you brand yourself.

My very personal take is that it is hard to take advice from someone about if I should be using a product or not, when the same person has dumped the product (your own words about FMS) a long time ago.

I know this can be sensitive, I'm trying my best to not be offensive. If I was unable to achieve this, I am sorry. I believe fmSoup has room for eveyone's voice to be carried. I just question how productive some of those exchanges are.


When using Linux FMS, can you still schedule system scripts to move backups to S3?

I appreciate your kind reply, honestly and understand how my comments could be misinterpreted, as you assembled them, in your posting above.

Thanks for your posting and the time you took to post it. :slight_smile:

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Not to disagree, but consider that:

  1. If you use FMS as a testing server, you can shut down the AWS instance when you're not testing -- so the AWS clock isn't running. (That's what I did) My monthly bill most months was around $10 or whatever Amazon charged me for having a static IP.

  2. Over time, Amazon may (probably?) reduce the per-minute AWS cost and thus minimize or even negate the money you saved (and are locked into) with a reserved instance. However, having said that, I'm not sure how often that happens or even the last time that happened.

I thought someone posted a while back that if you kept FMS from phoning home, you could have problems with it stopping working or getting a call from the company. That's my recollection, anyway, so that could be no longer the case or the person posting could have been mistaken.

I've never seen any official documentation from the company on what exactly FMS sends.

Upon further reflection today, FMS is probably not a good fit for my CentOS server anyway since it's a production server with 10 websites, email accounts, databases, SVN, etc.

Consider that I save 62% with a 3 year reservation vs on demand.

Obviously any person has to calculate what works best for them. We have desktops and development servers that we only turn on when needed as well. Assuming everything works fine, Linux represents massive saving for us. From my perspective FileMaker 19 is on another level re: web direct.

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I tried to find that article I read a while back but couldn't. FWIW, if I were going to leave a server up 24/7, I'd also probably do a reserved instance. :slight_smile:

I was just looking at this raspberry pi sitting next me and pondering. :wink:


Thanks to @WimDecorte and his suggestions in the past, I use the RP all the time with FileMaker already. :slight_smile: I even wrote an article about it.

However, I doubt my 1 GB model could handle FMS. Maybe the newer 4 GB model though!

Probably be more fun to create a weather station with your RP.


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Yes. It behaves just like the other on-premise servers; you have full access to the OS so you can do whatever you want.


The linux server is great as it allows to get FileMaker into IT for various customers, which don't like to run Windows or MacOS as server. Also you can do your own cloud and just rent a Linux server somewhere (besides Amazon) and install it there.


I know once it’s stable and reaches feature parity, we will be moving most of our servers over.