Filemaker Webdirect Compliance with WCAG Accessibility standards?

Hi All,

Looking at a discovery phase for a project for an organisation where they may stipulate that 'the service' - in this case a WebDirect based Filemaker solution, could be made in such a way to be compatible with the WCAG accessibility standard:

In particular, the things I noted as unknowns were - is a WebDirect solution able to made in such a way that it will work well with screen readers, amongst other assistive technologies?

Any help or thoughts gratefully received!


I have found this on Community. Did not have time to read it but maybe you can explore those infos and ask us specific design questions?


I do not know the specifics of WCAG nor the answer to possible webdirect friendliness to screen readers.

Claris is striving for inclusivity and Apple too, as far as I know.

The following video was made with a USA based audience in mind, but I suspect you will find the content relevant nonetheless:

Interesting stuff, thanks Robert!