FM 19 Teasers?

Quite a few articles on FM 19 on from Soliant.
But no signs of FM 19 release as yet.
Anyway interesting articles....

[Using Machine Learning Models in FileMaker Pro and Go – FileMaker – Claris Connect – Salesforce – Build DIY Business Apps]

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Thank you. I am waiting for the release of FM Go 19 to test these 2 new steps.

IMHO -- If you want to learn Machine Learning, I would suggest you learn Python. Learn about Python's Scikit-learn library. It's an incredible (free) and easy-to-use library for ML. Get a good book like "Hands on Machine Learning". Take a class at LinkedIn. Jump in and write some code. Get some datasets. ML is very cool. Python is INCREDIBLE! I use ML almost every day.

Don't be intimated by those saying you need deep Linear Algebra, Statistics, and multi-variable calculus to start ML. I have all those in my background, but rarely rely on them other than for understanding what's happening in a theoretical sense.

We just integrated some ML techniques (logistic regression) from a micro-service that analyzes email tokens and determining which emails were opened and which were not -- to judge client marketing. All Java and Python. (All free. All available now and for in years past... why wait?)


Not sure about when you posted, but they now released the product. See: Claris launches FileMaker 19: the company's first open platform extending low-code development using readily-available JavaScript libraries.