FMI Default Certificate is expiring?

I am running FileMaker server 18 on one of our servers for testing and it is saying the FMI Default Certificate is going to expire in 5 days. I have never seen this happen in the past and not sure how to resolve it. Is there a way to reinstall a new FMI Default Certificate?

Quick update: The expired certificate has not caused anything to stop working as of yet. The delete files button is still grayed out as well.

same situation here and please update if anything informative shows up. thanks.

The one thing I noticed on a customers server using there own certificate that had expired is the delete files was no longer grayed out on the admin console. When they deleted the old files it auto generated a new FMI Default Certificate.

I am assuming I am unable to do this because it has not expired yet? I am hopping that once it dose expire I will be able to do the same thing.

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