FMS refusing to open files... check this first

Looks like some people are having issues with newly installed FMS, where FMS refuses to open files.

Someone out there mentioned the following:

Beware when installing a new FM Server, the default fmcert that it comes with suffers from the same expiring validity of other older fmcert files. If you are troubleshooting why files fail to open, try importing a valid license file first. To verify, the default cert file is here CStore/LicenseFile/DefaultCert.fmcert so you can see for yourself.

The author is not a member of this community, and other elements will lead me to favor not mentioning the author. I am not attempting to get credits for this, simply am not aware that the author would seek attribution in this case.

I did not come across this problem myself, but have a few contacts who said this fixed the issue and let FMS open the files.


Not to be confused with the SSL certs (there is some confusion around that since two separate issues happened at the same time).

You can download the updated license cert from your Electronic Download page you got from Claris when you bought your licenses.

If for some reason you cannot get that license and you desperately need to have your files opened and hosted, set back your server's clock to a date before June 1st and your files will open.

Obviously other things will fail when you do that, like External Authentication or even accessing the server through a file share. Most security protocols rely on accurate clock settings.