How do you refresh a two-year SSL certificate the second year?

I have an SSL certificate on FMS which works fine. It expires in March. When getting this certificate, I paid for two years. Of course, nowadays, the cert only lasts a year a time. So, my question is how to "re-issue" the certificate already paid for -- for the 2nd year.

So, will I just need to download the new certificate from the SSL vendor and repost it to FMS using the process below ? I'm assuming I would just download the new (2nd Year) SSL certificate (available automatically when first year over), and from FileMaker Server SSL Import:

  1. Browse for CRT file.

  2. Browse for private key file (unchanged-> /Library/FileMaker Server/CStore).

  3. Browse for the cert bundle just downloaded.

  4. Enter your private key password.

--- OR ---

Do I need to go through the entire CSR process again to re-issue the 2nd year of the paid certificate?

From what Namecheap just told me on their online chat, it seems you have to start over with a brand new CSR for the second year of the SSL cert, whether you already paid for the second year or not.

This is a generic question but applies to FMS the same way it would apply elsewhere I think.

I'm guessing someone has already had to do this process with the new "only one year at a time for SSL" thing.


Hi Oliver,

yes, you are right. Get a new CSR from your FMS and post it to NameCheap. Afterwards apply the new certificate to your FMS instance.

Selling SSL certificates with a 2-/3-/5-years contracts binds you to the CA or reseller of the CAs root certificate. Other than that it is the same procedure every year.

Appart from that in my opinion this paves the way for LetsEncript implementations letting a system service do all the - more or less heavy - lifting for you. This gets established at many places in very different use cases and industries.

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