FMP 19.3.2 Release Notes

Claris published an updater. Details are available by following this link.


cowardly paranoid I wait now with "latest and greatest" still wondering which version would be considered mature and stable :thinking:

Everyone will trace their own line for something like this. My understanding is that this specific release is meant to address issues that manifested themselves under 19.3.1, the reason why they were introduced close to each other.

As with anything, make sure to test before applying on a production environment.

There is no single piece of software I will blindly push into production. Everyone is free to choose to do otherwise.

Software was made available, and I simply relayed the information. I will not delay transmitting the information on the basis that it is preferable to run a production environment on something that is not just released. That is a judgement call for everyone to make based on their own comfort zone and what they apply the software to.

If you want to run the software, do your own tests and provide feedback, you are welcome to do so here.

If you would like to know what community members think is an available version that is both mature and stable as of July 20th 2021, please do so in a different thread. I'm sure there will be many answers, but we would have to factor in, what FMS version it is paired with and what OS is being used for both client and server. For sure, on maturity, 19.3.2 is simply not there given how it was introduced today. For stability, if you want to elaborate on your criterias and how you test for for that, you are welcome to do so in this new thread I was mentioning.


For those who are interested, here is a pointer to the new thread on what community members consider a stable version that is available at the time of writing: Which iteration of FMP being conservative is most stable in your experience?

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The PDF change again means users can copy them from temp folder and FileMaker may not cleanup properly.