Got FMP 19....WOW!

My first impressions:

  1. Great looking dark mode.

  2. Incredibly improved performance with layouts with lots of graphics. FMP 16 was really slow loading the page and being responsive, but FMP 19 is nearly instantaneous!

  3. I was scared for a moment when one of my micro-service calls wasn't working, but it seems that FMP 19 just was a bit more picky about the "http://" prefix. Works fine now. (this is probably an improvement also.)

  4. The combined windows (as opposed to the floating info window) is really a super improvement.

  5. Of course, the new built-in functions, like "Delete file", will be useful also. I've upgraded a script to use Delete File already. It's nice to have that capability built in.

(that's it so far after only 30 minutes...)

So, I'm very happy to be off 16 and on 19. :slight_smile:


I'm not surprised you like it. I noticed that developers with a strong programming background feel much more enabled with this version. Of course brace yourself for some bugs or stuff that will need adjustment, like in any product released with significant changes. We will see how all this will pan out.


Some old bugs fixed and new ones introduced to be fixed in next version. Sounds like an infinite loop to me. :innocent:


Going from FileMaker Pro 16 to 19, then definitely worth having a good read through the 'What's new' for each version in between:





While you’re at it :wink:

Even though I just upgraded, I've kept up with the changes, but thanks. Appreciated.

As you have found, not all changes are documented. I'm definitely a fan of the progress they have made.

With Card Windows in WebDirect, I'm now seriously losing interest in rolling out Filemaker Pro to new clients unless there's a pressing reason to do so. I feel like we're pretty much at feature parity now, other than a couple of caveats that can generally be designed around.

I'm still waiting for version 1.0-type search/replace with scripts and CFs. To me, it's laughable that such a basic refactoring capability has been ignored for so long in favor of features I don't want or need.

How many users are you accustomed to having active at one time in a system? Webdirect can't handle more than a hundred users, in a well-designed, highly-efficient system. You can get up to 500 users, with additional workers. But that's 5 servers... as opposed to 1.

The desktop app helps distribute the load of some of the processing. So a lot depends on your user base, system load, and efficiency of code and structure.


Agreed - the clients I work with are typically in the 5-25 user base range. Yes, more server resources are required to deliver WD, but that's a trade off I'm typically able to sell fairly easily to customers who don't want to have to install and maintain another application across their user computers.

Definitely a fit for a client like that. Many of the people/clients I've dealt with, WebDirect doesn't work, because we end up needing to do a lot of stuff at the OS level.

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GO 19.
Yes. We got v19. Wonderful

we had have really problems with ios11 and the -at that time- current fmgo version. That's why, I hesitate to update as long as possible..

  • entering data became almost too slow under some circumstances (We need to enter bookie-codes for some customers when entering reports. That is a pop-over with entries, visible only for specific customers). This is used many times a day and it was that annoying, that I even buid a new iPad. Colleagues here even dropped that fmgo app

  • the new iPad pro (10") was a bit faster, just a bit less annoying, but far away from good

  • after the next release of fm, this was really fast again! No delay when entering data

  • was fast until I installed iOS13 on the iPad (in the meanwhile iPad pro 11", the 10" unfortunately crashed (real crash, felt to ground))

  • fmgo 18 under iOS13 was as slow as described above

  • fm19 (needs ios13) solved that, fast again

I must say, I am not happy with that behavior. Plain fmgo speaking, there is nothing new, compared to v18 (from the users perspective)

Ah... forgot one thing: After the last patch for go18, for some fields the defined keyboard was lost, field was only accessible after a second tap - but then with the standard keyboard.
This is fixed with 19.

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oops - forgot one more thing: There is a visible difference! The somewhat strange looking new icon

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(Well, I did upgrade to version 19, but that was mostly so I could mostly just run code posted on the forums, not that I needed any of the "new features"...).

To be fair, version 19 is incredibly faster than 16, but that's the only real difference I see day to day.