FMP19 Installer with Solution (SBA)

Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone who has experience creating a silent install (using Assisted Install.txt file) that comes with FileMaker 19 – which enters license key and other parameters per the SBA license. In addition the installer needs to install the solution files (.fmp12 files) in a specified location (for example: Documents folder).

We have been using the FileMaker runtime solution for many years and are transitioning from this deprecated solution to the SBA program. Our solution is both a Mac and Windows solution. In the Runtime environment we bind the solution (twice – once for/on Mac and once for/on Windows), then create a DMG using DMG Canvas (Mac) and code-sign the package with our Apple Developer key. On Windows we do not code-sign the Runtime (although we would like to code-sign the package for FMP19) and use Astrum Installer to create the installer.

With the FMP19/SBA solution we are not tied to using DMG Canvas or Astrum Installer if there are better options to meet our needs.

Any info would be greatly appreciated (check-lists, what to look for, suggestions) or even a more in-depth instruction list. Anyone with experience in this area you are welcome to contact me directly private info removed by admin please use pm.

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Hello Aaton,

please take a look here ...
Using Apple Remote Desktop to deploy FileMaker Pro on multiple machines (macOS)

Apple Remote Desktop allows you to deploy FileMaker Pro on multiple machines in an organization. The installation can be customized via settings read from the Assisted Install.txt file. This silent installation keeps user interaction to a minimum. See About the personalization file.

After you edit Assisted Install.txt, you can create a personalized .pkg file that you can install using Apple Remote Desktop.

  1. Create a working folder on a local drive (or a network volume, if necessary).
  2. Download the FileMaker Pro .dmg file and double-click to open it.
  3. Copy these files from the download folder to the working folder:
  • the FileMaker bundle
  • the personalized Assisted Install.txt
  • the license certificate file
  1. Download the Apple Remote Desktop Deployment script for FileMaker Pro. The script is in the file on the Product Documentation Center.
  2. Double-click the file to extract the Apple Remote Desktop Deployment script (
  3. In /Applications/Utilities, start Terminal.
  4. Type cd "", then press Return.
  5. Type sudo chmod +x ./, then press Return. When prompted to provide a password, enter an administrator password.
  6. Type ./ "", then press Return.
    The script creates a personalized .pkg file in the working folder.
  7. Use Apple Remote Desktop to install the .pkg file. See Apple Remote Desktop Help.

Download “”

The .pkg file must be signed by Apple.
Afterwards you can bind it into a DMG via DMG-Canvas (With Notification)

That also works with the new Apple M1 Silicon Hardware and Big Sur.

Hope thats helps ...