Installing FileMakerPro via Apple Remote Desktop

I manage all personal Mac computers of a team via Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) since people mainly work from home now.
I installed FMP on these machines using ARD, using my admin account for the task. During installation, the FMP installer asks for the licence code/file. This effectively ties the installation and licence to my name (Info in 'About FileMaker Pro'). I do not use FMP on the machines, I only install it and do the updates. How can FMP be installed via ARD without tying the license to the admin account?

What are you using to do the install? Are you using the script that Claris provided? Or just custom script/commands?

Nope, I did it manually. Wasn't aware of the network install. Now reading the manual.
Thanks for the hint, @jormond!

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I vaguely remember someone saying something about it didn't work quite right... but it may have been corrected by now.

Here is a thread with a lot of good info, including a file from Perren that should work. Claris Community (English)


It is always a good idea browsing the technical documentation... Thank you again @jormond for pointing me in the good direction.

I followed the Network Install Setup Guide to the letter.

Then I installed it on a remote Mac on LAN, using ARD.

It is a well documented straightforward process, no difficulties encountered :slight_smile:

Side note: if an FMP installation already exists on the target computer, the new install overwrites it.