Installation FM Pro on M1 Parallels Windows 11 Pro stops

The installation of Filemaker Pro 19.4.1 on Mac M1 under Parallels Window 11 Pro halts after choosing to install Visual Studio.
No idea what is going wrong. Does someone have?


Solved !
Because the installer program was on a shared volume, the installation halted.
After I moved it to the C drive, everything was installed flawlessly.

I'm still waiting for VM Fusion to support M1.

Trying to install from a drive other than C: has always be problematic, for as long as I recall. Even from an external drive it will fail. I don't have any issue with other software. This will remain a mystery.

In case this is of interest and I don’t know whether things have changed since I did the initial testing of the Apple Silicon Macs, there may be some helpful info in:

Reference to FileMaker Pro, Parallels and x64 emulation is about halfway through this very lengthy post.

I’m glad you solved the problem relatively easily.

Kind regards