Getting close to the Metal

I use Lets Encrypt certificates and I get weekly summaries from their forum. This week I noticed this (very short) post, which gives an overview of how the service works.

The thing that caught my eye was that the discovered their database was the bottleneck. It was constantly operating at an average of 90% CPU load! Redesigning the database server enabled them to reduce that load to 25%. If you're want to geek out on the specs that their new database server has, check out the article devoted to the hardware: The Next Gen Database Servers Powering Let's Encrypt - Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates.


Wow. I really appreciated that read (I'm talking about Let's Encrypt blog post itself). Aside from being a great introduction to under the hood of what such services represent, I can't help but comment about the quality of the text. In several positions before, when noting spelling mistakes, lack of consistency (mixing verbs and nouns in enumerations for example), flawed hierarchy, multi signification for identical signifiers, etc., I would get "normal, it's a programmer who wrote that, not a grammarian".
This blog is proving that wrong. The clarity of the speech, the organisation of ideas, the proper use of English. You can tell when a writer knows what he's talking about just by the way someone who doesn't know the jargon can still have an interesting read and acquire an understanding of the topic.

I can feel trust for a provider that writes like that in a blog. Don't you?