SurrealDB - a new Cloud based DB

Hello folks,
just came across this new Database called surreal db. Check it out. Seems quite powerful.



Interesting! Is SurrealDB a proprietary database?

My guess is that new tools for no code drives to new databases.

They lay out licensing for surrealDB here
SurrealDB | License FAQs.

I listened to a podcast with the creators where they talked a bit about licensing, and it sounds like their intent is to sell a managed cloud offering at some point, but you can install and use the db now. SurrealDB with Tobie and Jamie Morgan :: Rustacean Station

I've been eyeing this project for a bit because i'm learning some rust and this db is fully written in rust. pretty cool to see it picking up steam.

It's a young project, so I'd usually opt for something more battle-tested, but I really wanna give surreal a spin on something at some point, if just on a side project.

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Are you planning to try it on any projects?