How do I determine the Domain for the FileMaker App?

I am just writing the last script before deployment at a customer, and I got the idea to check if the MBS plugin can set default FileMaker preferences like Username, Drag and drop, turn off the update checks, etc. I found the "Preferences" component that should do the trick, I think, but I can't figure out the "domain" parameter. From the documentation:

MBS( "Preferences.GetValue"; Domain; Key )
Domain = The domain name for your preferences. Leave empty for default one.
Key = The key for the value lookup.

Domain should be an unique name for your app, like with reverse domain name notation. An example: "de.monkeybreadsoftware.filemaker.runtimes.MyApp". If you use no domain, the default one is used.


  • Can I set the FM preferences with this component?
  • If so, how do I determine the domain from inside FM?
  • What are the bit positions in "Preferences:AppGenOptions"?
  • How do I get it to work on both Mac and Windows?

It has been some time since I last worked with the preference files on Mac and Registry files on Windows, and I am currently at a loss on how to solve this. I have, for example, tested with "Preferences:UserName" and left the domain parameter empty, which works on Mac (FM18) but not Windows (FM19), where I only get an empty result. So, I guess I am missing some vital part of the puzzle or overlooking something.

Getting this to work is in no way critical for the solution, but it would have been a nice touch during installation on a new client and a way to always check the preferences at startup.

I will defer to others who might know for sure, but I am pretty certain that this is not for FileMaker app preferences, but for creating your own preferences for your own FileMaker solution.


Thank you, Doug. I also had my thoughts in that direction. But then, I could use this component to change the user name in the FM setup dialogue on a Mac, and there is the "Preferences.SetTextSelectionWithDragAndDrop" function. So, I am also a little confused. (And I really would have liked to be able to set the preferences from inside FM).