How the graphical user interface was invented

Here’s a peek into computer history:

Regarding the Graphical User Interface, some accused Apple of stealing the idea from Microsoft. That is not true. Microsoft industrialized the work from Xerox PARC into Windows. For those who were not there at the time, first version of Windows were not graphical but character based, hum ugly, using a mouse to point and click.

Later on Apple came with the Lisa computer, which had a graphical interface. Thing is Lisa was born when CPU were not that powerful and Video Card were not fast, Result the Lisa did not sell very well. But that was a fantastic laboratory for Apple. And some time later the Macintosh was launched. The rest is history.

Apple also industrialized the work from Xerox PARC. Xerox PARC is (was) a research center that came up with ideas.

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well.. Lisa was very expensive as far as I remember, 30k or more. Too much for me.. (also, the first Macintoshes were too expensive for me at that time)

That is what I remember also, but can't recall the price.