Logo Blindness

Anyone else having trouble recognising the new logo? I've got 20+ years of logo lock-in to undo. I use the tab-switcher on MacOS and I find myself staring at the icons, thinking, "Where did FileMaker go?"

I haven't found a compelling analogue for the logo yet either. Is it a rose? Pacman? big fish eating little fish?


It looks like an eye. It watches your every move.

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I do keep looking for it and not seeing it. But I also really like it will take some time to get used to though.


at least something new for everyone :innocent:
(connect, etc. - thats not for old-style fm developers..)

I do not love that, with most application-icons, there is sonething in that icon that gives a glue what that app does - not here

Pacman in folders?


The logo represents the rabbit hole in which we developers get deeper and deeper. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Or Claris eating up itself from greed.
Or is it the squares inside the circle holes, that Steve Jobs was talking about?

To me it's just a uninspired "C" repeating itself. From a designers perspective it's not reduced enough. And the shapes are much too simple to be elegant oder recognizable. I bet they paid more than my annual income for it.


For me, it was the sad and drab color that needed a boost. FileMaker19.zip (1.1 MB)

A lèse-majesté or freedom of expression?

that was just toying around to have some fun, if you think, this may have legal implications, we can ask Cecile to delete the stuff

what I wanted to show is that my eye is used to recognize the folder-like icon and mixing the FM13 and FM19 Logo just did the trick although I would not hack my FMs Ressources to change the Logo in the macOS Finder as others have done to distinguish between different versions in the past


I have chosen to delete the post. Ignore the man behind the curtain.

Who removed the cute black and white combo folder and new official?

I’m no really knowledgeable about logo and copyright stuff but I think when it is the object of a conversation it should be all right? Like marketing teachers or design teachers would no be able to demonstrate their points if they couldn’t illustrate for example?

I think it’s using it to misrepresent something or to cause prejudice or unauthorized benefits that is problematic.

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Pac-Man eating a corn nut while sitting in the barbershop chair and looking into the mirror.


I'm guessing that the dark colours are designed to suit dark-mode.

To some extent, I would expect the color of the Claris logo inside the dark circle to have meaning. In the videos we have seen, blue on black is Claris FileMaker. Green on Black is Claris Connect. I have no idea if that is a strategy, or just coincidence.

The brand police passed by and brandished the legal implications stick.

Hi Cecile,

as this was my post I just removed it because I suppose you don't know what comes of these things from the legal side. I'm located in Germany and I don't know much about international brand laws but even if they don't stick I don't want to be cause of offence to the people at Claris or the agency that designed the logo. That's what jormonds - since deleted - post reminded me off.

Point is: I try to not fuss around with other peoples designs, there is always something personal to it. I suppose somebody put a lot of work into this and there has been some discussion internally going at Claris incoporating even more people. Since I'm a craftsman and architect and now doing UI and all this stuff in my third professional life I would also be somehow bothered by people fooling around about my ideas. I'm always ready to discuss my design but if I am not allowed to take part...

So thinking about it it's more of a decision taken in relation to the respect for other peoples work. Always time for a second thought on things or at least I hope so.



For a very long time I have had the opinion that Claris (FM Inc) has had an identity crisis. Their marketing continues to fail the product.

A recently (Nov 2018) branded IT company in Norway


Is it any one's opinion here that FileMaker Inc had warranted a name change? Other than just a person's "whim," I can only think of a single reason to make such a change and that would be due to poor reputation, be it performance-wise or scandal-wise.

Hard to believe somebody thought FileMaker has a poor reputation because FileMaker is still FileMaker as the product name.

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Well even I can see that the Solv logo is an abstract of a child reading a book in an environment that is safe ( mostly enclosed ) but with room for them to learn, grow and explore (the open bit). :wink:


I bump into people who used v2 or v3 and assume that it has not changed in any way. I also bump into people who have never heard of it at all.

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