How to adapt the portal raws referred to the content

Is there a way to adapt the height of the raws of a portal referred to the content?
I have very long or short text to show in a portal. I would like to avoid to activate the fild to read all or scroll and scroll almost empty fields.
The fact that i can't find a solution reading and searching make me fell like last dummies on eart :zipper_mouth_face: . Is there a solution? :thinking:
Thank you so much
(This is my first step on this community, I hope to do it right)
Thnak you again

Hi @Massimo, welcome to The Soup.

The row height of a portal is fixed, not dynamic.


@Malcolm is correct. The only way to actually dynamically resize a portal row height is to include an object such as a field inside the portal and enable top/bottom anchoring. Do the same for the portal itself. Then if the user resizes the window, not only will the portal increase in height, each individual rows height increases proportional.

This is a difference to default behaviour of showing more portal rows when screen height is increased.

to be honest, this alternative of row height increase has never proven very useful, and is not really the same as what you are hoping for which is variable heights on a row by row basis (that you can control the height of).


Ciao Massimo,

the only way to have different heights between records (variable) is a list view in Preview or Print mode, using the resizing options on the first tab of the inspector.


...or a webvieler with some html / javascript stuff. I think I've seen it before but can not provide any sources. Maybe Google is your friend here... Although I don't like these kind of solutions in Filemaker, if not absolutely necessary.

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Thnak you so much.
i spent days scratching my head, almost no hair now :sweat_smile:
At least You all make me fell better that is the most important thing :grin:
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Glad that you posted the question here, @Massimo . Welcome to the Soup!

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