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I currently have a portal which is view only and has a little popover button which is used to set it (see below). I'm looking at changing this into a web view to give me more layout controls (variable height rows, etc.), is there away to have the popover work within a web view? or do I need to open a new window as a dialog box or something?

What's the "preferred" way to do it.

Of course there is a way. You control your HTML and Javascript code within the WebViewer. You simply need to recreate the popover functionality when a users clicks the recreated portal's button. Understand, however, that the recreated popover's draw rectangle is limited to the WebViewer's area on the layout.

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Hi @JasonMark

If you have the bandwidth to support it, I'd encourage you to experiment with various options, to see what the tradeoffs are. Digging in and getting your hands dirty with the options is a great way to find out.

Some thoughts about this:

  • Besides variable row height, what are some of the other gains that are leading you to a WebViewer path?
  • Once you move away from the portal and into a WebViewer, you will likely have to work harder to have the UI stay constantly in a fresh state. It will still be possible, but generally speaking, this is something that takes a little more effort with a WebViewer.
  • I like your idea about using the WebViewer for display, but then using something like a Card Window, once it is time to allow the user to interact and adjust settings. As @bdbd mentioned, there will be a way to accomplish the same goal from fully within the WebViewer code, but as far as development effort goes, this hybrid approach of display in WV, and edit in FMP-proper has always appealed to me.

Hope this helps & looking forward to what others have to say.

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Thanks Steve and @bdbd. I think the pop-over limited to the Webview is going to be too much...

@steve_ssh The main reason I'd want to use a webviewer is the variable height. I have various portals that are just sloppy because portal rows in FM are fixed height. The much lower priority second reason is speed. If it's a webview I can run a script overnight to cache it and it will load faster without any computation on the server or client...

But for now based on this I probably won't update it at all.

Hi @JasonMark

Thanks for the added info. I hope I/we have not discouraged you. There's a lot that I think you could do without too much effort on your part, but it would probably require some acceptance of not hitting the ideal mark for what you want the UI/UX to be.

It's bridging the difference between the good-with-compromises result versus the amazing-and-just-what-I-wanted result that I believe could cost an amount of effort which could seem too daunting.


I wouldn't say you discouraged me, but it changes the ROI. Having the portal be variable height is a 'nice to have', and added complexity adds time and therefore cost and it's probably not worth it for the client. They're fine with it "as is" and if there was a way to easily convert it (<2h) I'd probably do it, but if it's a "bigger project" it's not their biggest priority.

I don't get daunted by a half a day of work if it's high value, this one just isn't high-value.

All good....


Hi Jason,

I've been playing around a lot with webviewers and how to better leverage them within FM.

Here is a video showing how I've been able to create several small webviewers who's functionality is not limited to just the boarders of the webviewer itself and may provide some inspiration. I use a JSON formula to feed into a custom function, the custom function then creates HTML code from the JSON parameter to populate a webviewer and provide several UI features for my new Custom Dialog Box:


Hi @KyleWilliams /Kyle

Glad to see you here at the Soup!

@KyleWilliams I was wondering if stuff could hang out of the webviewer on windows now! Cool video!

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Thanks @jwilling, glad you enjoyed it!

Yes, I was reaching out to the owners of the site to see if I could change my username so it is more consistent with my Claris Community profile. "Shadow0429" is something I came up with in the mid 90's when I was trying to come up with a username for my hotmail account. My thoughts at the time is that when we are on the internet, we are more or less a "Shadow" of ourselves. The 0429 is my birthday (April 29th).

It is good to see you here as well Steve!

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Hey Kyle, this is friggin awesome. Do you by any chance have a demo file you could share?


Not yet, I'm still creating it. Today I added the ability for it to edit/create a JSON variable and to populate values based on a specific variables JSON data... It is still evolving and getting better and better every day. I will post it on my youTube channel when I get a good solid demo created.

It is nice to have the flexibility to tell a custom dialog box to edit a JSON variable at a specified path and to have dozens of different fields instead of being limited to only a few. I also love being able to have a whole bunch of input types to choose from. I can create dropdown lists now that are based on FM value lists or I could choose to use my own custom list specified in my JSON parameter that builds the dialog box.

I am designing this specifically for FM 19 so it is utilizing the FM 19 Javascript functions.

PS: I'm also including this feature in a new C3 charting addon I'm creating:

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Do you still want to change your username Kyle?

Malcom already took care of it, thank you @Cecile.